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About Us

Lchaim Productions is a leading provider of kosher entertainment and education for the heimishe community and beyond.  Since 1982, we’ve been recognized as a dynamic powerhouse in the Jewish music, publishing, and recreation industries.  And we’ve been raising the bar with original and creative innovations ever since.

Under the leadership of our founder and CEO, Rav Moshe Kahana, Lchaim has flourished.  A talented and resourceful pioneer, Rav Kahana recognized the need for Jewish themed entertainment early on, and has made it his life’s mission to provide the community with the very best. Our name is trusted by thousands of families throughout the world.  No wonder Lchaim Productions is widely recognized as the ultimate provider of entertainment and educational resources for the Yiddish speaking community. 

In 1994, Lchaim opened its music division, bringing to its listeners a warm and hartzig brand of Yiddish music, reminiscent of the beloved and classic Chassidic nigunim of old.  Starting with our best selling Lchaim Tisch series, we have released hundreds of successful albums, and have built up an empire of high quality kosher musical entertainment for Jewish listeners everywhere. 

Over the years, Lchaim has introduced to the public some of the Jewish music industry’s most celebrated vocalists, including Arele Samet, Michoel Schnitzler, and many others.  We are also proud to have revived and popularized many of the timeless stirring Chassidic melodies of Belz, Stolin, and Vizhnitz of long ago.

In 1999, Rav Kahana saw the need for an education and entertainment division at Lchaim and was determined to provide quality Jewish themed toys and books to the community.  Today, our huge and diverse collection offers dozens of choices appropriate for all ages, providing hours of recreational entertainment for every member of the family.

Lchaim Productions continues to grow as we branch out into new areas of service.  We now offer distribution services to entertainers and publishers, and have recently started promoting and managing our widely acclaimed Lchaim Shabbos choir to enhance simchas and special events. 

Our recently launched website offers a wide range of Lchaim’s services in music, books, toys and games.  Feel free to browse and learn about everything we can do for you.  Discover what Lchaim is all about and how we can be of service to you, your friends and family. 

Lchaim.  Inspiration and entertainment for life. 



  Fill your home with the sounds of  joyous melody that only the best Chassidish music can offer.  Over a hundred albums to choose from, all filled with the vibrant quality of sound that is a Lchaim trademark.


There’s a little child in all of us, eager to enjoy all the fun and excitement that Lchaim’s toys have to offer.  Our team of educators is hard at work developing the very best selection of clever and creative toys, games, crafts, puzzles, electronic toys, hit books, and Judaica to keep your family busy for many happy hours. 


Discover a world of knowledge and learning with our rich and varied assortment of Jewish books for young and old.  Engaging, entertaining, and always educational, each beautifully crafted volume will be enjoyed and cherished by every member of your family.  


Lchaim Shabbos Choir -  Now you can bring that distinct and energetic Lchaim sound directly to your personal simcha.  Our very own Lchaim boys choir is available for booking through our site.  Enhance and enrich your special events, weekend getaways, and family simchas with an authentic and heimish Lchaim touch.  We can turn your special occasion into a memory that will last forever.


Distribution services --  Attention artists and musicians:  Why waste precious time and energy on distribution when Lchaim Productions can do it for you?  Join our team and see how our powerful distribution services will allow you to access every corner of the market, providing the widest exposure and sales presence you could hope for.  Contact Lchaim and discover how our full range of connections and targeted marketing can work for you.